Teaching Judaism

Golden mice and Pharaoh’s vice: Monotheism in the Hebrew Bible.

By: Dr Louise M. Pryke

The Hebrew Bible is a sacred text which reveals the principle beliefs of Judaism. This paper considers the important principle of monotheism in Judaism. Using examples from Hebrew narrative, we explore how this belief is elucidated, especially in regard to contrasts and comparisons between the worship of the God of Israel, and other deities from surrounding ancient cultures. In the Hebrew Bible, the nature and omnicompetence of God is expressed through narrative in complicated and diverse ways – from descriptions of wizarding battles, to innovations in god-napping, and through the emphasis on covenant.”

Syllabus content

  • Abraham and the covenant, promises of people and a land;
  • Principle Beliefs: belief in a single God who is the creator and ruler of the universe; the idea of Covenant;
  • Sacred Texts and Writings:
  • the Hebrew Bible, identify the importance of the Hebrew Bible.


Dr Louise M. Pryke

Dr. Pryke

Dr. Louise M. Pryke is the Lecturer for the Languages and Literature of Ancient Israel, at Macquarie University. Louise’s research is focused on the myths, history and literature of the Ancient Near East, and her first book, Scorpion, was published this year. In 2016, Louise was the recipient of the International Association for Assyriology (IAA) Fund - an international award for promising early career scholars in the field of Assyriology.