Teaching Christianity

Divergent Paths: Christians and Jews in the First Century

By: Dr Simon Holloway

The first century of the Common Era was a formative time for both Christianity and Judaism. During those years, traditions that were later to find expression in both the New Testament and the Mishna were collected or composed. Those years saw the life and ministry of Jesus, the destruction of the Temple and its high court, and the rise of the new Sanhedrin in Yavneh. To gain an insight into the attitudes of different Jews during this period requires of us that we consider a broad and varied range of texts. This session provides an overview as to how teachers might introduce their students to key philosophies during this formative stage of Christianity.

Syllabus Content

  • The historical and cultural context in which Christianity began;
  • Sacred texts and writings of Christianity; and
  • Paul of Tarsus


Dr Simon Holloway

Dr Holloway

Dr Simon Holloway holds a Masters in Ancient History (Macquarie) and a PhD in Classical Hebrew and Biblical Studies (Sydney). He is an education officer at the Sydney Jewish Museum, where he runs seminars for school students in the History, English, and Studies of Religion curricula. Simon is also a sessional lecturer at the University of Sydney, where he teaches Classical Hebrew and Jewish History.