A Short History of “In the Beginning”: New Perspectives on Genesis 1: 1-2

By: Professor Wayne Horowitz

“In the Beginning . . . “ begins some of the most famous words of the English language as translated from the Hebrew Bible into the King James edition. In this lecture, we will briefly examine some of the 5,000+ year history of this famous passage, and consider new ways that the story of creation of Genesis can inform upon both our study of ancient civilizations and our understanding of traditions in our own time and place.

Professor Wayne Horowitz

Professor Horowitz

Professor Wayne Horowitz is Professor of Assyriology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem specializing in the cuneiform text tradition of the Ancient Near East. His research interests include ancient astronomy, cosmic geography, and cuneiform tablets from the Land of Israel. Professor Horowitz is a graduate of the University of Birmingham in England, and Brandeis University in the United States. He is also active in the Cuneiform in Australia and New Zealand project, which aims to make available to the academic community and general public editions of all the cuneiform tablets in Australasia.